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About Yoga Nidra

What Is Yoga Nidra

The Secret of Yoga Nidra


The complete Yoga Nidra experience occurs in sequential stages:


Stage 1.  Rest, recuperate and rejuvenate.

Stage 2. Manage old patterns, undigested negative memories, emotions and desires.

Stage 3. Awaken to the experience of your deeper self and your life purpose.

In stages one and two of Yoga Nidra you experience relaxation, restored vitality and psycho-emotional purification. Old, outmoded patterns of feeling and thinking are released from the body-mind. Once the negative feelings and old conditioning have been released, and effectively dealt with, the intuitive and creative aspects of yourself are progressively revealed.

So no matter were you are in your life, with your physical health and needs, your self-awareness, spiritual and emotional awareness you will experience many of the benefits below. However the best way to experience this incredible, beneficial healing practice is to not be attached to any outcomes and just experience the practice for your own personal needs.  As you will feel the great rejuvenating benefits if anything not anything else.To experience deeper levels of Yoga Nidra to more you practice the more you will gain and benefit


1. Emotional benefits include

 + Boosts concentration & focus so you get more done with less stress.+ Reduces negative emotions and builds self-confidence. + Allows your creativity to flow so you have more golden ideas and inspiration.+ You become more self-aware, grounded and centered.+ Reduces anxiety from the mind, emotions and psyche. At the same time it generates positive feelings and emotions.


2. Health benefits include:

+ Reduces stress and increases blood circulation + You can break old habit patterns that aren't working for you like eating junk food, smoking or drinking alcohol + Enhances the immune system
+ It gives you energy as it takes you into a profound state of rest. Recharges you, revitalizes and rejuvenates your whole body and mind
+  Reduces stress and eliminates fatigue.
+  It systematically relaxes tensions from body.


3. Spiritual benefits include:

+ Allows you live more in the present moment + Provides peace of mind & happiness + You are able to connect deeper with your inner self.
+ You have a deeper connection and appreciation of being connected to the whole planet. + It is an easy way to learn how to meditate

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