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Naomi Nahoum
Naomi Nahoum


A successful holistic skin care treatment therapist, massage therapist and yoga teacher.  Naomi also is apart of a teacher training program to teach yoga nidra for yoga teachers in training. Having 30 years of experience in the skin care, wellness, yoga and healing industry. She owns and operates an award winning Holistic Beauty and Wellness Centre “Human Nurture” in Sydney Australia with her husband John Macdonald.

“I started my personal yoga journey as a student in 1993 wanting to find equilibrium, harmony and relief with my back concerns as my scoliosis was creating  alot of pain in my body. Little did I know a new way of looking at life would open up and unfold after my very first yoga class.”

At the time I was under the care and treatment of a chiropractor and some adverse effects in my body from 8 years of Chiropractic work from 12 years old to 20 years old were showing up and there was no improvement but to the contrary more instability and immobility with my neck and spine. Yoga resonated with me as a practice to find the qualities of equilibrium and harmony and I found a stronger foundation in my body’s health intelligence.


My first yoga class I went to was Oki Do yoga in 1993 (Japanese corrective, meridian stretching style yoga) 4 times a week for 6 months.  That was my door way to greater things with my health, learning about my breath and for the first time understanding how to breathe correctly.  I remember feeling incredible, feeling so light yet so grounded at the same time.  I was also learning about my body and mind and the relationship between them both and another good thing was that this is where I met my husband.

My Yoga teacher training began with the ‘Radiant Child’ children’s teacher training program. I taught children for 5 years. I was now inspired to find a yoga teacher with a grounded authentic lineage of yoga to study under for my further development.  I discovered and trained under the and late great teacher Acharya Upendra Roy who was authentically trained in the Tantric tradition of Hatha yoga that is based on the chakra system.  From this training I gained a great depth of understanding and knowledge of the 5 body layers of the body, the Kosha’s going from the gross to subtle bodies, the chakra’s, bandhas, asana, pranayama, meditation, pratyahara (sense withdrawal) and guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra).  Yoga Nidra I loved instantly. The practice resonated with me profoundly and I knew I wanted to specialize in this practice, so hence my teaching began.  Acharya my teacher was the one who motivated me to teach relaxation in yoga classes and retreats.

I soon discovered that Yoga Nidra is a doorway for people to feel a sense of their true self in a very short space of time without needing anything complicated or having to rush out to a distant quiet location.  All one needs is a CD and a player in a quiet space.  It is a beautiful gift to oneself when all the tensions are dissolved and you can see your true self shine through.

I make a point to teach guided relaxation in every yoga class.  And I continue to practice yoga nidra regularly.

Yoga Nidra continues to inspire me and so many others to gain lasting real benefits in our lives. The experience of being relaxed yet centred and grounded is a well needed practice in today’s hectic lifestyle.  You will definitely feel more in charge and empowered within yourself, especially when you are fulfilled and relaxed from the inside.

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