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 I wanted to a Big Thank You for your Yoga Nidra CD. I have been listening to help me destress   during this dramatic COVID 19.  It has helped me get centered and more in touch with my intuition.   That has helped me to decide to leave my current job.  Thank You so much for such a deep inner   shift.  Mwah, mwah

Marko Cakarevic Graphic Designer Melbourne

Yoga Nidra Testimonial
Yoga Nidra Testimonial
Yoga Nidra Testimonial
Yoga Nidra Testimonial
Yoga Nidra Testimonial
Yoga Nidra Testimonial

Naomi’s Yoga Nidra CD helped me a great deal during a time when I was experiencing a difficult pregnancy. It taught me how to relax, refresh and recuperate – helping me survive the exhaustion of my days.

I would even say that it has been life changing. Being a busy mother of two, an author and restaurateur, the immediate healing qualities of this form of meditation has become an important and necessary part of my life.


Pauline Nguyen
General Manager
Red Lantern
545 Crown Street Surry Hills NSW 2010






"Naomi’s Yoga Nidra CD (The Calm and Contented Mind) saved my life! When I was completely exhausted looking after two small children under 3 years her CD was invaluable. I would pop it on for either 20min or 30min and I would finish feeling like I’d had a full night sleep, totally refreshed. It allows complete relaxation of the whole body even down to the internal organs. The music takes you into a trance like state and her voice is delightful. I would highly recommend this CD for anyone needing to refresh and revive."

Justine x








"I have been a big fan of Naomi’s Yoga Nidra CD since she created it.  Naomi shares her wonderful depth of soulful knowledge and experience with fluency, calm and consideration.  She truly understands the depths of consciousness and how to clear our “monkey minds” and experience true peace.  I recommend this Cd to all my students, who in turn, also love Naomi’s work. "  

Love from Amanda Fuzes.  Yoga teacher and owner of Prana Space Yoga Studio, Rose Bay, Sydney, Australia








“Naomi, this is such a beautiful CD.  I usually listen to it on my way to work and what a great way to start my day!  On other days when I come home tired, it is so therapeutic to have a lie down and listen to your extremely calming voice, it makes me drift off into a different realm.  It is very relaxing and I would certainly recommend it. Thanks Naomi for sharing it with us, you are so special”. 

Sujata JayaraoYoga teacher and Yoga teacher trainer of the Bhagavad Gita and Sanskrit chanting








"I have found Naomi's Yoga Nidra CD to be of enormous value both personally - helping me to connect with my inner calm when i need it most; and also for my dear clients - as an effective & affordable tool for them to find that all-knowing & healing place inside themselves."


Naomi's calm, articulate, and inviting voice throughout her Yoga Nidra and guided mediation recording has been well received by female, male and even teenage clients of mine, and her CD's have become something i know i can confidently recommend as a part of an integrative management plan to support various ailments and presentations, including working towards better stress management, reduced anxiety, better quality sleep, digestive comfort, and better connectivity with one's own body & mind. 


Thank you Naomi for creating such a well received and effective clinical tool. Your CD's have been an invaluable resource and I thank you. 


Tabitha McIntosh, Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, B Medical Science, Awaken Your Health."






"I am a mother of 4 and find my life is often quite stressful and very busy. I have had the pleasure of listening to Naomi’s yoga Nidra for about 5 years now. I have loaded it onto my iTunes and my Iphone/iPod, which is the most convenient way for me to listen to it because it is always with me, no excuses about “not having it”.


I also now have a special ritual every time I get on a plane. I settle into my seat, headphones on, and get comfy, and then turn on “Naomi” for yoga Nidra. I might not be able to adopt quite the ideal posture in an airplane seat, but I find it doesn’t matter too much. The essence of the total relaxation is still there and it makes a plane journey so much more enjoyable. After I have finished listening I find I can settle into the journey better and any “pre-travel” stress has gone, and I can relax and enjoy my journey. Also once I get to my destination I often have more time than I have at home so I find I will listen to the Yoga Nidra while I’m away.


I wouldn’t travel without this now and have listened to Naomi through Asia, Africa and Europe. I’m looking forward to taking her to Hawaii soon!"


Jennifer Kluck.  Vaucluse, NSW


 Naomi Nahoum's CD has become indispensable to me. I use it most days and at any time of the day when I just need to stop, take some time away from feeling anxious or overwhelmed. The relaxation this wonderful tape offers, with Naomi's great voice and visualisation means although I haven't slept I feel as though I've had a really good rest. Sometimes I find myself waking after 1 and a half hours in the middle of the day, which was just what I needed. It's just as effective at night. I would recommend it to anyone with a particularly busy life, who doesn't always have the time for herself as a way of really looking after yourself.  


Gail Boserio Tempe NSW


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